How an NFT Launchpad grew their Socials over 3000% by utilising tailor-made Organic Growth Strategies




NFT Launchpad

Company Size

15+ employees


OpenStarter wanted to expand their marketing, so they could entirely focus on what they’re good at, building qualitative user-platforms. They needed to find a team that could ultimately take growth-marketing off their hands.

After themoonlab came into contact with OpenStarter, themoonlab’s strategic team created a tailor-made Strategic Marketing Plan that would fit OpenStarter perfectly. After collaborating with themoonlab from 19th of April until the 19th of May, OpenStarter grew their social channels up to 3000% through Organic Community Growth, while increasing their Engagement Rate to almost 10%.

Key Outcomes

  • Foundation built up for OpenStarter, with an engaged and interested community
  • Twitter grew over 2000% organically and Discord by 3500%
  • The engagement rate has increased to almost 10%

Challenge: To build a strong foundation for OpenStarter, with engaged and interested followers in the short timeframe of 1 month

The challenge was to build a good foundation on the social channels for OpenStarter. Besides (their big brother), a leading launchpad, incubator, and investor network on the ETH, AVAX, FTM, BSC & MATIC networks, it was time for the ‘starter team’ to build a successful launchpad for the NFT world.

“The OpenStarter brand was our newest addition to the ecosystem at the time and we did not yet start building the account so we needed full management from a professional team to get it to an active state.”

The team of OpenStarter did not have the bandwidth to run OpenStarter themselves. The team wanted quick yet organic activity and knew they needed an experienced team to accomplish that.


Solution: Tailor-made Organic Community Growth marketing campaign including content creation, copywriting, 30-day content plan and data-analysis

themoonlab answered OpenStarter queries in a way that gained trust, while being endorsed by other partners. Which led to an, eventually very successful, collaboration between OpenStarter and themoonlab. Utilising tailor-made Community Growth Strategies which includes: growth strategy creation, growth marketing execution, copywriting, engaging moderation activities, KPI tracking, Twitter Spaces and high converting creatives. This strategy ensured that OpenStarter had the foundation they were looking for.

Solution: themoonlab grew their Twitter over 2000% and Discord over 3500% while increasing engagement up to 10%

By having themoonlab implement the tailor-made strategic marketing plan, OpenStarter was able to grew their socials over 3000%. More people were able to learn about new NFT launchpad and started on their turn talking about the launchpad within their own network. These word-of-mouth activities accelerated the community growth.

These growth numbers and overall expertise of themoonlab, allowed the team of OpenStarter to focus entirely on the development of the product itself! 

Check it out:

“themoonlab significantly grew our new social accounts with real, organic users, while educating the audience on what OpenStarter is doing as well as the current trends in the space. Also, themoonlab targeted the right people to engage with OpenStarter and we saw significant jumps in engagement. The best part was that we could tell it were real users, no bots.”
CMO at StarterXYZ & OpenStarter