How a SocialFi leader increased token value 20X through Influencer Marketing Campaigns




SocialFi Metaverse

Company Size

38 employees

TORUM SocialFi

TORUM wanted to expand their marketing, but were not able to find a reliable partner for the execution. Their team was looking for a cost-effective, high-impact marketing strategy to grow the user-base on their platform and increase $XTMs value and Market Cap. After collaborating with themoonlab, TORUM gained 60K new users in one month, while increasing the value of $XTM 20x. Plus, the project positioned itself as the leader in the SocialFi industry.

Key Outcomes

  • TORUM is now one of the leaders in the SocialFi industry
  • Grow user-base of their platform by 50% in one month
  • Increase value of $XTM with 2000% to a new ATH of $2.45
  • TORUM was mentioned in Social, Web3, SocialFi and Metaverse analytics.

Challenge: Not able to find reliable marketing partners who could scale-up their efforts, increase brand awareness, improve positioning through budget-effective strategies

Since the beginning of TORUM, the team always wanted to improve their exposure, build hype and increase the trading volume on $XTM, but were not able to find a reliable and result-focused marketing-partner for the execution. There were simply too many scammers in the market, which prevented the team from partnering with agencies.

They were looking for a partner who could implement cost-effective and high impacting strategies. A partner which they could trust, had case-studies, had marketing knowledge and were endorsed by their marketing partners.

Solution: Tailor made Influencer marketing campaign(s) including marketing timeline, copy writing, KOL management and accountability

themoonlab answered Jayson’s queries in a way that gained trust, while being endorsed by other partners. Which led to an, eventually very successful, collaboration between TORUM and themoonlab. Utilizing tailor-made influencer marketing strategies which includes: strategy creation, marketing timeline creation, access to themoonlab’s extensive KOL network (including best prices), KOL management, copywriting, KPI management, themoonlab made sure that TORUM would generate the exposure it deserves.


Solution: themoonlab positioned TORUM as the leader in the SozialFi industry while increasing the value of $XTM to new ATH’s (topping $2.45)

By utilizing the influencer/KOL network of themoonlab, TORUM was able to spread the words about their project, announcements like KuCoin Labs’s strategic investment and KuCoin’s token listing, and other partnerships made.

These strategies resulted in a user-base growth of 60K people on their platform while simultaneously reaching a tremendous surge of active daily, weekly and monthly users. And the value of $XTM grew to new ATH of $2.45 with a trading volume increase from $4.16M to a max. of $28.33M. They are now one of the top officially recognized SocialFi industry leaders, with the goal of hitting the No. 1 spot within the industry so there is still work to do.

“themoonlab has been a reliable marketing partner in terms of trust, responsiveness, marketing knowledge and results. For the KuCoin event marketing, we managed to grow the platform users from 120K to 180K in one month and got XTM to its ATH of $2.45..”
Jayson Tan